A comparison of the disney mgm and universal amusement parks

With four parks, two water parks, the sports center, golf and everything there is to do at Disney Springs, you could stay for a long time and not run out of things to do. But the two headliners are, without a doubt, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlandodue to their record-breaking rides, costumed-characters and special-effect filled shows.

Over time this fee was reduced in order to better match the caliber of attractions in the park and to increase attendance. Disney has an elaborate transportation system built into their complex, which allows you to commute by ferry, bus or monorail. Deep Earth Exploration - This ride opened shortly after the park due to technology challenges.

While the rich Disney history and nostalgia is hard to compete with, I don't think the newness of Universal causes one to enjoy it less.

Magic Kingdom is home to all the Disney classics, catering to children or the young at heart. The park had a studio tour which included real sets and special effects. There is even a Tonight Show themed ride that lets you race through NYC with Jimmy Fallon we love this one even thought it made us a little dizzy.

This version of the famous Hollywood Universal theme park did not have a backlot tour, but it did feature more immersive encounters with King Kong and Jaws.

Universal Studios Universal has four hotels on-sitethree in the deluxe price range and one categorized as moderate. Eight haunted houses, four stage shows and hundreds of street actors create an intense and immersive event.

Sometimes the closings make little difference—the Jimmy Neutron ride was hardly a classic when it shut down to allow for "Despicable Me"—and, in general, Universal is based on transitorily popular properties.

The giant shark remains though, so make sure you get a photo with him! We've never gone to Orlando and visited both Disney and Universal on the same trip. Universal created the horror film genre, and the annual Halloween Horror Nights are world renowned. You then pass under the arch and your movie adventure begins….

They literally look like a real-life moving cartoons. But both parks should to be mindful of how they evolve. The rest of the purchased land surrounded the planned site for a prototype city Walt Disney never got to oversee. Oh, and neither theme park is done yet. It was home to a variety of small attractions such as a paddle boat river, Red Baron airplane ride, and Carousel.

In fact, both parks were founded on the premise that the entire family should be able to have fun together. The Accommodations Need a place to crash after all that park hopping excitement?

Where should I go Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort?

If you stay on property you can walk to the parks or take the water taxi, which is a really fun experience on its own. While both resorts seek to lure visitors with their theme parks and hotels, understanding the differences between Disney and Universal can be quite daunting.

Of course, there is one huge exception within this argument, and that is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But be warned, the Sea Witch section can be scary for smaller kids. Disney Despite what they might think of one another, there is definitely enough room in Orlando for both Disney World and Universal.

But be warned, the Sea Witch section can be scary for smaller kids. They literally look like a real-life moving cartoons.


Animal Kingdom was initially conceived to include a land for mythological beasts in the area that is now the Avatar themed land, Pandora. Battle of the Theme Parks: The park retained three rides, a seat amphitheater, and two seat theaters. Five years later saw the first expansion of Disney MGM Studios which added sunset Boulevard, a street that leads to two thrill rides, a Hollywood Bowl replica and a trail to an amphitheater for the nighttime spectacular Fantasmic!.

Walt Disney World Disney does not offer the same type of deal. It opened with 2 shows; blacklight puppet show called Kaleidoscope and a live recreation of The Three Stooges.

The ride involved a number of stops where windows on the vehicle would open allowing the occupants to look out at special effects along the route.

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The Deal Saving time and money is important when it comes to planning a vacation, so ideally the park you choose is located near other parks of interest and offers discounted packages that include multiple attractions.

They also added Jurassic Park to the mix and interestingly enough a section for mythological creatures that featured a rollercoaster attraction suspiciously similar to a dueling dragons coaster that had been designed at Disney imagineering for Animal Kingdom.

This Orlando arms race shows no sign of slowing, nor should it. Universal Universal has seen the addition of a new Minions based attraction, a fleshed out Springfield USA 0ur favorite!Walt Disney World Vs.

Universal Orlando the two largest theme parks in Orlando. This article explains their similarities and differences! Having opened Disneyland back inDisney remains the world's largest theme park operator. Five huge resorts carry the Disney name - in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong.

A sixth is under construction in Shanghai. Disney fans often argue over which is the best of the company's theme parks. The latest salvo comes courtesy of Walt Disney World’s December launch of New Fantasyland, an expansion of the Magic Kingdom’s most popular section, which doubles its size while finally giving Disney’s uber-popular princesses their own homeland, highlighted by "Little Mermaid" and Beauty and the Beast-themed areas.

Disney World vs. Universal Studios: A Comparison Of Two Theme Parks 1 / 17 Tips and Tricks For Avoiding Long Lines at Disney World And Universal Studio.

Whether it’s the magic of Walt Disney World ® Resort, endless adventures at Universal Orlando ® Resort, an aquatic wonderland at SeaWorld ® Orlando, or building family fun at LEGOLAND ® Florida Resort, Orlando has theme parks that are perfect for you.

The Best Orlando Theme Parks By Age Group. by Mommy Frog on April 5, Both Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) have tons of fun stuff outside of meeting characters!

Was thinking of just doing 2 Disney parks unlimited universal and discovery cove which includes sea world, Busch garden and aquatica.

A comparison of the disney mgm and universal amusement parks
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